Founded in Washington D.C. during the late post-war era, the Corps Diplomatique Intelligence Service received its distinguished mission when Europe's economy still fought to resuscitate from war depression. Its purpose was, and still is, to promulgate international cooperation through diplomacy, civility and peaceful negotiation. More specifically, to serve the international diplomatic and consular community in their undertakings, be it in important state affairs or in routine missions of courtesy and representation. The Corps Diplomatique does this by furnishing reliable information. Their intelligence service treats all areas and all subjects and its findings are to a great extent available to the public. Since 1962 the Service edits the Code Diplomatique & Consulaire, a source of indispensable intelligence for the world's accredited corps, for whom each edition provides the essential everyday information. Today the Service has become an highly efficient organization, since 1990 established in and managed from the Republic of Ireland whilst, since the mid eighties, coordinated centrally from Switzerland. With the years the field of action has become ever more encompassing:
The Service d'Information Code Diplomatique & Consulaire (SICDC) administers three auxiliary commercial services, promoted by the Code :
- recommendation of commercial enterprises adapted to serve the decision-makers acting on the international scene;
- recommendation of law firms having a national or an international practice;
- assistance to the sector of business and trade, by offering an international business opportunity exchange.