SSM Group is a member of the Croatian Exporters Association which represents companies and organizations, primary aim of which is to promote and represent the export of Croatian products, goods and services.

Croatian Exporters is a non-profit, non-aligned, non-governmental association, independent in its operations and cannot be subordinated to any outside authority.

The membership in the Croatian Exporters association is public and open to any individuals and legal entities living or having a business seat in Croatia, to those who export or intend to export products, goods and services, to those participating or supporting the exports, as well as all to those promoting Croatian export.

Croatian Exporters association was established on the basis of the Law on Associations. The membership is voluntary and the terms are set out in the Statute of the association.


- Promoting the export of Croatian products, goods and services

- Encouraging Croatian export in any form and to all markets

- Promotion of Croatian exporters' business practices

- Permanent analysis and follow-up of government proposals and measures influencing Croatian export

- Permanent articulation of Croatian exporters interests in dialog with the government, particularly in creating new export regulations

- Building an appropriate legal and public system which enables the members to express their opinions and proposals that can have a direct impact on the strengthening of Croatian export

- Promoting the competitiveness of Croatian goods and services with the aim of creating long-term export without increasing foreign debt and with the real increase in personal income

- Application of European norms and standards to Croatian business practices

- Raising awareness among Croatian citizens on the necessity of exporting, the role of export in the overall Croatian economy, as well as its contribution to the wellbeing of all Croatian citizens.