SSM Group enjoys membership of The Association of Shipbrokers
and Agents of Croatia - established on 15th April 1992. On October of the
same year the Association became member of FONASBA in which work actively

The head office of the Association is in Rijeka where she was founded. The
actual number of members is 24, some of which have branch offices in various
places of the country. The primary goal of the Association is to develop and
co-ordinate the activity of Shipbrokers and Agents. Experts within the
Association members actively participate in drafting statutory rules
concerning matters on agency.

The Association has her own Constitution, a Code of Conduct and brings the
Tariff for agency services.

The bodies of the Association are the Assembly of all members, the Executive
committee, the Control committee, the President and the Secretary. The
executive bodies are elected and the Secretary is nominated by the Assembly.
The Association has permanent and temporary professional committees. The
permanent ones are:

The Committee for the Tariffs and Commercial Policy
The Committee for the National and International Relationship and Agreements

The Committee for Membership and Relationship between Agents.
The officers of the Association can be reelected on duty.