The idea behind InterManager - with SSM Group at its foundation in 1991 - was to improve standards in ship management and achieve a safer, more environmentally conscious, more reliable, and more controllable ship management industry. This continues to be the aim of the Association.

The InterManager Code of Ship Management Standards, the foundation stone of the Association, reflected the highest standards of ship management practice. It was drafted by practical ship managers, and based on the experience gained through their involvement in day to day ship management. 

As an association, InterManager represents the views of its members in international organisations such as IMO and European Union and groups such as BIMCO. InterManager members have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their own fields and it is important that this pool of expertise is tapped.

InterManager acts as a forum for the exchange of information among members, and promotes both the Association and its members on the basis of their pursuit of quality not only within the shipping industry, but also with insurers, port and flag states and the press.

InterManager Mission

  • Establish and maintain the InterManager Best Practice Guidelines as the leading tool for ship managers.
  • Encourage the highest standards in ship and crew management through innovation, creativity, and the sharing of knowledge amongst its members.
  • Provide a forum for discussion on matters of common interest to the ship and crew management industries.
  • Promote the interests of ship and crew management industries in general