Although we are a leading Crew Manager for Croatian crew, in conjunction with our manning partners, we can also provide crews of any other nationality, as per Owners requirements. For example, we are already experienced in managing crews from Ukraine and Myanmar.

As well as choice of crew nationality, we offer ship Owners/Operators three levels of crew management, with the top level being Integrated Crew Management, whereby we take care of all crew matters because the responsibilities are integrated together with the technical management – so called, Full Management of the vessel.

We strongly recommend this “top” level of service as we can be sure of obtaining the best results for the ship owner/operator.

However, we do also have several clients where we provide only Crew Management services – whereby we take care of all crew matters but the technical management is taken care of directly by the Owner/Operator or another shipmanager.

We can still provide all the benefits of very experienced and well trained crew and we can take care of all the responsibilities for visas, medicals, crew travel and payroll etc – leaving the ship Owner/Operator to concentrate on the technical management and exploitation of the vessel.

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