The correct choice of crew and their management will greatly influence the life span of your asset.

Croatia has a long standing tradition of seafaring and our Croatian crew are almost like family with most of them having been with SSM for their entire career.

However, in conjunction with our manning partners, we can also provide crews of any other nationality, as per Owners requirements. For example, we are already experienced in managing crews from Ukraine and Myanmar.

Regardless of nationality, it is clear that in order to retain the best crew we need to offer them not just market salaries but also meaningful training programs, promotion prospects and a decent life on board - since it’s foundation, SSM has been able to build up a loyal pool of seafarers by paying attention to these vital issues. Our goal is to train and keep our crew from their initial contract as cadet or junior rating until the day they retire after a long and satisfying career.


 Captain on the bridge

 Officers keeping a safe look-out

 Checking position


 Precise navigation

 Good seamanship

 Quality checks


 The cook-an important man!

 Keeping the ship clean and tidy

 A welcome meal after hard work