Within months of it’s foundation , SSM achieved ISO 9001 certification and the prestigious ISMA award – years in advance of compulsory ISM certification for shipmanagers .

SSM Group has always been pro-active towards the concept of voluntary business excellence and continual training – as proven by it’s early achievement of other key certificates such as ISO 14001 (Environmental Protection) and ISO 9001:2008.

We are proud to be able to show you our key certificates as follows :


                             ISO -  9001:2008                                                     ISO 14001:2015  



                        Ministry authorization for the                 Ministry authorization for the

                        recruitment of seafarers SM                   recruitment of seafarers SSM

                 Document of Compliance from the               Document of Compliance from the        
Government of Malta                                       Government of Croatia

               Document of Compliance from the               Document of Compliance from the                        
                  Government of St Vincent and                           Government of Liberia

             Document of Compliance from the                              Det Norske Veritas 
                     Government of Panama                                   Training Course Certificate 


                    Certificate of accreditation                                     
                         LNG Training course                                    
The Nautical Institute