Ecologically unique area

The village Krapje is known for its numerous well preserved traditional wooden houses of Posavina, and exceptionally rich fishing and hunting areas; hence it is no surprise to learn that the village derives its name from a fish. The carp (Cyprinus carpio) to be exact or "Krap" as it is known to the natives.


The fact that there is no Industry or highway in the proximity of Krapje, is a major factor in preserving this ecologically unique area.

Not far from the village is an ornithology wildlife refuge called Krapje-Djol. It shelters many bird as well as numerous other animal species within the Nature Park Lonjsko Polje.

In the heart of Nature park Lonjsko Polje is situated the Čigoč village. In 1994 Euronatur, the European Foundation, proclaimed the little village of Čigoč the first European Stork Village.

Because of the exceptionally propitious natural conditions, on almost every house or byre the white storks make their nests, and there are more of them than people. For in the 45 active nests there are sometimes more than 200 storks, while in the seventy or so houses there are no more than 120 local inhabitants, which speaks eloquently of the harmonious relationship between man and nature in the area.


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