The late Renaissance aristocratic mansion built in 1650th's of a landscape of green hills of Prigorje in Križevačko-Koprivnička County. Building occupies 10 hectares of land, with a extraordinary green park on the south side of the castle, the famous landscaping and access roads reconstructed walls of the late Renaissance tower.



In the
history it was the aristocratic home of the famous croatian opera singer Countess Sidonija Rubido Erdody, respected member of Illyrian movement and her parent Count Karl and Henriette Erdody Harbuval et Chamara.

Historicaly important is the north tower in which she first sang the song what later became the Croatian national anthem, “Our Lovely Homeland”, accompanied by the composer Josip Runjanin.

The reconstruction of the ruined manor house into a restaurant and hotel started in 2009, as an attempt to save another culturally, historically and architecturally important Croatian country seat, and it was finished in 2013.


It is our duty to respect the history and cultural heritage of this region, the first architectural efforts to restore this valuable historic castle to the highest conservation, urban and horticultural principles, and organizing conferences, exhibitions and concerts to keep the charisma and the present first-class intellectual and artistic milieu.

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