The correct choice of crew and their management will greatly influence the life span of your asset.

Croatia has a long standing tradition of seafaring and our Croatian crew are almost like family with most of them having been with SSM United for all of their career.

Split Ship Management - Crew ManagementHowever, in conjunction with our manning partners, we can also provide crews of any other nationality, as per Owners requirements.
For example, we are already experienced in managing crews from Ukraine and Myanmar.

During pre-joining and refresher training we take the time to ensure that they all familiarised with safety and security matters.
Additionally, we make sure that each one of them understands their responsibility in caring for your ship while maintaining costs within budget.
With a high level of training and a competitive price, we strongly believe that our crew are unbeatable on the world market.

As well as choice of crew nationality, we offer ship Owners/Operators three levels of crew management:

• Integrated Crew Management – whereby we take care of all crew matters because the responsibilities are integrated together with the technical management – so called, Full Management of the vessel
• Crew Management – whereby we take care of all crew matters but the technical management is taken care of directly by the Owner/Operator or another shipmanager.
• Crew Supply – whereby our responsibility is limited to the recruitment and supply of seafarers.

We have years of experience in supplying all three levels for the full range of vessel types to well respected international companies. Additionally, we have been pioneers of cadet training programs in Croatia for several leading ship owners and are dedicated to the ongoing development of seafarers of all nationalities.