M/V Erasmusgracht (flag state Netherlands) on March 23, 2014 arrived from Napoli (Italy) at Northern port Split. It was carrying 11 motor yachts of which 3 (Fairline Sqadron 50 Motor Yacht - 19.000 kgs, Princess P82 Motor Cruiser - 65.000 kgs and Princess P56 Motor Yacht - 30.500  kgs) were discharged at Northern port Split. The whole project was successfully organized and carried out by SSM United as Port Agent.

It should be pointed out that under our guidance Port Authority Split, Brodospas d.d., Plovput d.o.o., tugboats and pilot boats successfully cooperated in process of discharging of yachts.


Dry dock towing

SSM United was appointed as agent when Shipyard Trogir has bought docks from Shipyard Kraljevica and those docks needed to be towed from one shipyard to another.
We have organized the whole procedure and followed the process which lasted for three days. Under our coordination everything went smoothly and all parties involved in process successfully collaborated, so the docks were towed to shipyard Trogir without any complications.  


CELTIC NAVIGATOR - ships agency (October 2012)
At the beginning of the October cargo ship Celtic Navigator , built in 1990, 3970tdw, 2606 GT, with a speed of 11,7 knots and under the UK flag started a repairation under the ships agency of our company. NEWBUILD 324 - ships agency (October 2012) Newbuild 324, ship built in "Brodosplit" for "Siteam Pioneer Shipping Co Pte Ltd.", intended for the transport of chemicals and oil products. Her 46.184dtw, 182.90m LoA and a beam of 32.20m and her 8200kW prime mover enables her to achieve the speed of 15 knots.

SSM United has been appointed as exclusive Port Agent & Supplier for Eitzen Chemical (Singapore) for the newbuilding of 8 chemical tankers with their characteristics as follows: 
The vessel is intended for worldwide service and suitable for carriage of five
different grades of oil or IMO 3 type chemical cargoes in five pairs of cargo tanks.
Five different grades of oil can be carried, loaded and discharged simultaneously.
Completely double hulled in way of cargo tanks, double bottom of B/15 depth and
side protective ballast tanks of not less than 2.00 m width. Structural elements
within ballast tanks or above deck keeping inner walls smooth, without obstructions.

MAIN PARTICULARS                                                                                                                                

Deadweight 46190 mt                                                                                                                                                              
182,90 m
L.B.P. 176,00 m
Breadth ( mid ) 32,20 m
Depth ( mid ) 17,20 m                                                                          

Gross tonnage 27139 t
Net tonnage 14096 t
Suez tonnage TBA t
Panama net TBA t
Lightweight 11060 t
TPC @ Load draft 72,75 t/cm

Speed ( L&B ), Max/Norm. 15,5/16,00 knots
ME HFO Consum. @ sea 31,8 mt/day
Endurance: 16300 Nm

Ballast tanks coating Sigma , M. Epoxy (300u)
HFO 380 cSt tks cap. 2085,8 m3
MDO tanks cap. 104,2 m3
Gas Oil 69,9 m3
Fresh water 297,4 m3
Technical water 557,0 m3
Lub oil tanks 136,8 m3
Other tanks 212,5 m3
Cargo pumps FRAMO subm.centrif, hyd. motor 16 x 50m3/h and (4+2) x 250m3/h

CARGO Crude oil, clean and dirty petroleum products,
vegetable oils, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene,
Hexane, Hexene, Coal tar naptha solvent,
Tall Oil, Sodium Hydroxide (67% filling),
MTBE, and other chemicals found to be
suitable for transport in IMO ship type 3.

First Newbuild 315 with name Siteam Explorer has been taken over by the
Eitzen Chemical on the 18th July.            


• An ISSA member linked to a worldwide network of trusted suppliers enables us to obtain the most competitive prices for all ships supplies.
• Unbeatable terms of payment for vessels in Croatia.
• Own fleet of trucks and vans means that in Croatia, goods can be swiftly delivered to your destination.

The SSM United Agency team also offer the following key services at the most competitive prices available:

• Organisation of road transport using it’s own fleet of vehicles, vans and trucks 
• Expert advice regarding the handling and storage of your goods
• International freight forwarding - All aspects of forwarding are handled by people who have been in the business for years
• Customs clearance for import/export/transit
• Expert advice regarding the loading and discharge of project cargoes and in particular the safe handling and sea transportation of luxury yachts
• Co-ordination of your logistical requirements 
• Shipment/Discharging assistance
• Transits
• Trucks/Trailers assistance
• Harbour Office formalities