To be world wide recognised as a reliable full shipping company active in a number of specialised shipping segment and other maritime affairs.

To influence the development of maritime education system and training by anticipating future problems and providing inovative solutions.



To provide customers services that are reliable, inovative, tailor made, best practice, cost effective and exceeding customer demands.



Established in 1994, SSM was quick to earn a worldwide reputation as being able to consistently deliver high quality services at a very competitive price.

Within months of it’s foundation, SSM achieved ISO 9002 certification and the prestigious ISMA award – years in advance of compulsory ISM certification for shipmanagers.

SSM has always been pro-active towards the concept of voluntary business excellence and continual training – as proven by it’s early achievement of other key certificates such as ISO 14001 (Environmental Protection) and ISO 9001:2000, and later ISO 9001:2008.
It heavily invests in seafarer development, as evident by the on-site Maritime Training Centre.

These qualities have long been recognised by many reputable ship owners/operators which have been able to take further benefit due to attractive rates at which SSM can offer it’s services.  The ability to operate in an area of comparatively low labour costs but with a high standard of education puts Split Ship Management in a unique position to easily complete with any other shipmanager worldwide.

The Future?

The shipmanagement industry is starting to consolidate and we are now seeing trends towards joint ventures , mergers and acquisitions.

Accordingly, SSM is very interested to work with partners that share common standards and goals so that we may jointly increase our position in the market.

The benefits of such partnerships to our clients will be:

  • Economy of scale in operations
  • Functional expertise to cope with regulations
  • Functional expertise to cope with customer and vessel-specific requirements
  • An increased local presence worldwide

The benefits to the joint partnership will be:

  • High quality cost-effective operations
  • Global network
  • Business growth

Potential partners could include:

  • Ship owners looking to outsource back room functions
  • Other shipmanagers looking to make efficiencies
  • Banks, KG and other financiers looking to increase their direct involvement with the vessel operations

SSM United would welcome the opportunity to discuss confidentially any such opportunities with potential partners - please contact us at any time.