B.Sc. Diego Louis Stefoni  

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The Chartering Department is very important part of our Company, providing
comprehensive service combined with market research and consultancy.
The commercial management division represents one of the key developments
within the chartering department. Today, we commercially operate for our
Owners a fleet of 11 vessels ranging between 2000-40000t DWT, from which 4
small general cargo vessels and 7 bulk carriers.

The department´s activities are fully supported by a well-qualified team, which is
part of a well-developed brokering network of cargoes and vessels, ensuring a
rapid response to the particular needs of Principals including spot trading or time
charter trading.

We have established good cooperation with P&I insurance and H&M insurance
clubs having qualified staff for handling all the P&I and H&M matters.
Protecting Owners interests, we are able to respond (oppose) to Charterer on
vessel`s underperformances/ off hire-s/ de-blacklisting..., using also knowledge
from our Quality and Safety team and our in house lawyer.

Monitoring all aspects of shipment, preventing and resolving of minor problems,
appearing within the contract duration, and main part of operational department
activity, managing of normal everyday operational activity of the fleet.
Our team are experts in analysing, especially with d/a analyses, post fixture
analyses for each vessel, cargo/vessel damage analyses covering all claims of
cargo in cooperation with Owners P&I Club,, ship performance, income
expenses per port having expenses in ports under control at all time, bunker
analyses covering prices and quantities consumption and more. The company
believes that providing customers with good and timely performance ensures
their satisfaction and in turn affords us further opportunities to develop our

Tel  +385 21 558 527
Fax +385 21 558 555

e-mail: ssm-chartering@ssm.hr