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The Baltic and and International Maritime Council was founded in February 1905, from 112 gentlemen who gathered in Copenhagen to discuss freight rates. Today BIMCO is proud count nearly 100 owners, 1600 brokers and 100 clubs and associates. BIMCO goals are:
- Improving vessels safety
- Fighting maritime crimes, such as security issues, piracy, armed attack, stowaways, drug smuggling etc.
- Improving maritime regulations and regulations.


ISMA - International Ship Managers' Association was created in the spring of 1991. Split Ship Management is one of the founding member of this association. Today, ISMA represents ship managers from 10 countries controling a fleet of over 10,000 ships. ISMA's major goals are:
- To establish universal quality standards for ship management and operation
- To clearly identify ship management as a recognised sector of the shipping industry
- To act as spokesman for the ship management industry, so that its voice is heard on important issues facing shipping.
- To share professional experience and circulate information of common interest to members.


International Ship Supply Association
Association that gathers many ship suppliers and gives them necessary information and help in their work and promotion. It's main goals are:
- Promotion and distribution of catalogues to members
- Improvement of shipping industry and supply
- Support to members all over the world


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Croatian managers' and enterpreneurs' association was founded in 1990. And today is proud to count 1400 managers. CROMA main goals are:- Transfer the manager know-how into Croatian economy
- Actively participate in developing economy system
- Improving management like a profession.
- Creative management to reconstruct the economy.


Croatian Employers' Association
This associations is formd in order to promote and protect the interests of its members. All of it's members have participated in developing the fundamental legal act - Working manual. It's main goals are:
- State
- Unions
- Collective contracts
- Public opinions and debates.


Croatian Ship Managers Association
was established in February 2002 with founding members that are 17 ship managers that provide crew or/and technical management. It's main goals are:
- Protect and develop work and social rights of Croatian seamen and employees in maritime industry
- Organising the relationship towards Croatian government, local authorities and unions
- Offer of expert advice to seamen
- Offer of proper education to seamen.

American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia
AMCHAM members come from many parts of the business community. AMCHAM has identified various issues that need to be adressed in order to promote a market-oriented economy in Croatia. The main topics of their business are:
- Political-legislative
- Trade liberalization and taxes
- Banking and finance
- Small and medium sized enterprise development