ASD tug handling course

ASD tug handling course


ASD tug handling course is developed for the participants  to learn how to handle their own tug safely during transit and simple towing operations according to the Pilot’s orders.

The participants will also be trained in procedures before, during and after towing and in approaching and connecting to different positions on a vessel (pulling/pushing). The participants learn safe handling of not only their own tug, but of the whole towing operation.  They learn how to prevent accidents and errors. They will also have the chance to refresh procedures from the level one course: towing of ‘cold’ vessels, in and out of dry-dock, and escort towing. The participants will also experience the operation from the point of view of the pilot and captain by carrying out the Manoeuvring from the bridge of the assisted vessel.


Course objectives: 
The participants will enhance their knowledge and skills in safe tug manoeuvring under normal as well as extraordinary operations. The training is highly flexible as the content can be adjusted to the wishes, qualifications and experience of the participants. 

5 days

Prerequisite :

Identification card or passport


Note to client :

After successful completion of the course candidates will receive  ASD tug handling course  certificate.

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