Bilge Water/Waste Oil Operational Management Course

Bilge Water / Waste Oil Operational Management Course

Bilge Water/Waste Oil Operational Management course is intended to provide shipboard personnel with detailed knowledge in bilge water/waste oil management and marine pollution prevention.

Explain the polices and regulations concerning the prevention of pollution by oil
Explain existing Marpol 73/78 convection, Annex I, definitions of oil and principals of environmental protection
Explain control of Oil Discharge form Machinery Spaces, construction of equipment, oily water separators and ancillary equipment
Explain control of Oil Discharges from Oil Tankers, retention of oil on board, Segregated ballast tanks, clean ballast tanks, etc.
Know how to keep a record of bilge water/waste oil discharge operations (Oil Record Book, Part I & II)
Understanding of shore reception facilities

5 days

Delegates will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Bilge Water/Waste Oil Operational Management  training can be booked via our website or email.
We ask all delegates to provide their individual email addresses for enrolment purposes for online trainings. We are unable to enroll multiple delegates with one email address.
A member of SSM team will email you to confirm the enrolment and provide instructions on how to access the course. You will also receive a separate email with attached documentation /registration/GDPR/ Evaluation/ which need to be fille, as they are priority for issuing the Certificate.
Certificates are not generated automatically- upon successful completion of the course, a member of SSM team monitors completions each morning, creates the certificates and then sends them via email the next working day.

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