Emergency Breathing System

Emergency Breathing System (EBS)

This training course iIN LINE WITH OPITO

Target audience:

Personnel travelling to an offshore oil and gas installation by helicopter when issued with an Emergency Breathing System (EBS) in a warm water tropical environment. It's suitable for candidates who already completed initial offshore safety and emergency response training (T-BOSIET and T-HUET)


Course aims:

The aim of the training is to ensure delegates are familiar with the use of EBS and that they show understanding of the basic emergency response during a helicopter emergency using the Emergency Breathing System.


Course description:

The time needed for occupants to escape from a submerged or overturned transport helicopter after a water impact event is estimated to be between 45 and 60 seconds. That interval significantly exceeds the time that most individuals can hold their breath in cold water due to the effects of cold shock. This means that maximum breath-hold time is often a limiting factor in the survival of a person. The EBS course teaches means of extending the time that can be spent underwater and is thus an important means of increasing the chances of survival.

The participants will learn about the designs currently available for use in the event an underwater helicopter egress:

  • Compressed Air systems
  • Rebreather systems
  • Hybrid systems


Duration: 1 day

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