Engine Room Simulator

ERS – Engine Room Simulator


Scope (Target audience) : This course is developed the watchkeeping ability of Marine Engineers who are aspiring to excel in their profession. The Full Mission simulator is now upgraded with a steam turbine! Now we have a 76,000 DWT LNG Tanker, with a steam turbine as the main engine. Runs the fixed pitch propeller with the gearbox. 


Course content :  This course mainly consists on exercises on the Engine Simulator which includes general procedures, main Engine operations, Trouble-shooting and Watchkeeping. The candidate will be able to familiarize with the Engine Simulator and sub systems following procedures and safety guideline.

The course includes:

  • Ship Diesel Propulsion Plant
  • Ship Electrical Power Plant
  • Auxiliary Machinery and Systems

NOTE: Engine Room systems are started and operated in a systematic manner, in accordance with laid down procedures and safety guidelines.


  • A specific risk assessment should be done in every engine room to determine the potential for, and protection from, oil pressure reaching hot surfaces.
  • Frequent checks concerning the condition of all hoses, joints and fittings should be carried out. Especially if an old engine is fitted.
  • Routine surface temperature measurements of critical parts of machinery to be performed regardless if efforts for shielding have been properly carried out.


Duration: 5 days


Prerequisite : 

  • Identification card or passport


Note to client : After successful completion of the course candidates will receive ERRM – Engine Room Simulator certificate

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