Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System Course

FRAMO - Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System Course

Scope (Target audience) : This course is intended for all Deck and Engineer Officers duly endorsed for FRAMO training, preferably going onboard vessel equipped with FRAMO Cargo Pumping System. This course framework requires a working knowledge of English.  In order to ensure efficient and safe operation of this type of hydraulic cargo pumping system, a sound knowledge regarding its functioning is imperative. This course familiarizes the participant with all aspects of the system and enables them to operate it safely and efficiently. This course is run in accordance with STCW  Regulations and with IMO standards.


Course content :  The purpose of this module is to enable the participants to understand the fundamental concepts of hydraulics, understand the working of the FRAMO hydraulic circuit and the components therein, the various safety devices and emergency overrides, operate the FRAMO cargo pumping system and pumps efficiently and safely, carry out normal overhaul / repair on the Cargo pumps and Flow control valves and learn through sharing of experiences amongst participants.


The aim of this course is to introduce students:

  • with advantages and fundamental concepts of hydraulics,
  • with Hydraulic system Components and their symbols (ISO 1219),
  • with Axial Piston hydraulic pumps — types and working principle,
  • with detailed operational description of the FRAMO pumping system,
  • with Speed Control Valves — operation and troubleshooting,
  • with cargo pump construction, operation, stripping and performance evaluation,
  • with hydraulic oil, contamination, cavitation and filters along with oil analysis,
  • with purging of cofferdams, routines and analysis of results,
  • with cargo pump performance curves,
  • with use of emergency portable pump,
  • with planned maintenance,
  • with safeties while handling Hydraulic systems.


Duration: 2 day


Prerequisite : 

  • Identification card or passport


Note to client : After successful completion of the course candidates will receive Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System Course certificate

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