Rescue at Height Operations

Rescue at Height Operations – RAH

Target audience:

Personnel who work or supervise work at height and is required to perform a rescue in case of an incident.


Course aims

The goal of this training course is to empower participants with knowledge and skills needed to perform rescue at height  exercises  safely and effectively. It is your responsibility to ensure that a rescue plan is in place. When using fall arrest systems, you (as an employer or building owner) are obliged by law to have a rescue plan in place, which ensures that a worker can be retrieved as soon as possible should he fall. 


Course outcomes

  • To act properly in the situation where rescue is required
  • To identify hazardous conditions prior to rescue
  • To identify types of equipment that will be necessary when performing a rescue
  • To know the most effective method for removing a victim off a structure in a particular rescue situation
  • To apply First Aid to victim


Duration: 2 days

Prerequisite :

  • Identification card or passport


Note to client :

After successful completion of the course candidates will receive Rescue at Height Operations certificate.


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