Ship`s Chief Cook onboard Duties

Ship`s Chief Cook onboard Duties

A chief cook is a person who works in the kitchen of a ship as the senior member of a cooking team. The chief cook is board responsible for coordinating the preparation and cooking of all meals on the vessel, and he or she may also be responsible for other duties such as cleaning, purchasing ingredients, designing a menu, and so on. On most ships, the chief cook does not need to be licensed in any way, but on some ships, the cook needs to be licensed to perform duties on board the ship.

Minimum requirements of regulation 3.2. and the code
Division of responsibilities and obligations
Competencies for catering personnel

2 days

Delegates will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Ship`s Chief Cook onboard Duties training can be booked via our website or email. We ask all delegates to provide their individual email addresses for enrolment purposes for online trainings. We are unable to enroll multiple delegates with one email address. A member of SSM team will email you to confirm the enrolment and provide instructions on how to access the course. You will also receive a separate email with attached documentation /registration/GDPR/Evaluation/ which need to be fille, as they are priority for issuing the Certificate. Certificates are not generated automatically- upon successful completion of the course, a member of SSM team monitors completions each morning, creates the certificates and then sends them via email the next working day

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