Welding - Basic

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Scope (Target audience) :
Welding is process of making inseparable connection establishing inter-atomic bonds between parts which are being welded, during it is being used at the same time heat, mechanical energy, if necessary additional material. Procedures of welding are usually used based on heating of material to melting, when welded joint occurs strengthening. With the help of welding it is possible to connect metal with metal, nonmetal with nonmetal and metal with nonmetal.

Course content :  You will also learn extensive information on how and where to use filler materials, and some guidelines as to identifying metals.  The courses at the SSM Training Centre will deal in detail not only with the technique required for a suc­cessful weld, but also with the safety aspects around welding onboard. 


  • Gas Welding and Cutting Process
  • Cast Iron Hot-Welding Process
  • Oxy-Acetylene Cutting
  • Welding Faults and Remedies
  • Welding Consumables
  • Brazing Copper to Steel
  • Arc Welding and Cutting
  • Process
  • Stainless Welding
  • Welding Techniques
  • Brazing Stainless Steel to Brass
  • Welding Consumables

NOTE: This Training course uses the Welding / Workshop facility of the Training Centre SSM United. 

Duration: 5 days


Prerequisite : 

  • Identification card or passport


Note to client : After successful completion of the course candidates will receive Welding - Basic certificate

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