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    Introducing our new course on COLREG at the SSM Training Center.

    The course duration is 5 days, with 3 days dedicated to theory and 2 days to practical exercises.

  • What sets us apart?


    No fixed time limit for training on COLLISION REGULATION - COLREG. We ensure candidates master the exercises, aligning with the teaching topics of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea - 1972, amended in 2018. Explore every corner of our training center and our yachts!'

Take a look at every corner of our training centre and our yachts!

Training center

Apply for courses in our training centre. With modern simulators of deck and engine it is the best centre in southern Europe.

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Why choose us?
SSM Training Center is one of the three oldest Training Centers in Europe, and the oldest Training Center in Croatia.
It is one of the  first companies in Croatia that were involved in Crewing and Technical Management at all.

In 2023 alone, we educated 4,269 candidates in 1695 courses and to mutual satisfaction.

With a total of 371 courses available, we continually grow to adapt to market needs and stay abreast of global shipping trends.
Open University Božić
Open University Božić, founded in Split, provides participants with opportunities for re-qualification, training, and ongoing education for various professions, leading to employment prospects.

The school's primary objective is to contribute to the intellectual, social, and overall development of the community through the delivery of high-quality educational services, fostering the concept of lifelong learning as a personal lifestyle, and creating new employment opportunities for our students.

An advantage of the Open University lies in the potential for students to secure employment post retraining and/or additional programs. As part of the SSM Group, in collaboration with the Maritime Employment Agency, we facilitate employment on ships. Our programs align with market needs, with a primary goal of empowering trainees to secure employment, ensuring numerous benefits from participating in our programs.

If you are interested in our programs and retraining programs, please contact us at:
Phone: +385 21 558 519
Email: admin@uciliste-bozic.hr
Web: www.poubozic.com
We take great pride in introducing our motorboat dedicated to the practical training of seafarers.

Yacht where candidates have a practical part of the course.
Boat Skipper Category C

This yacht serves as the hands-on training platform for candidates pursuing the Boat Skipper Category C course. Our training is conducted in strict adherence to the requirements outlined in Article 53 of the Regulations for Boats and Yachts (National Gazette NN #57/2006).
Yacht Master Category B (up to 500 GT)

The Yacht Master Category B (up to 500 GT) course is conducted in accordance with the requirements outlined in Article 55 of the Regulations for Boats and Yachts.
Yacht Master Category A (up to 100 GT)

The Yacht Master Category A (up to 100 GT) course equips trainees with comprehensive skills to confidently handle and command yachts of up to 100 GT. The acquired license is versatile, unrestricted by the yacht’s purpose or navigation area.
Yacht Courses

Encouraged by high interest, demand among candidates and rapid tourism development, as of now, we would like to offer you a Yacht Master package containing all the courses which will lead to the very peak of success.

Actual courses

Schedule of courses

  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: BTM -Bridge Team Management IMO MODEL 1.22
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: Boat skipper category "C" (30 BT)
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: Cyber security
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: D18 - Certificate in Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats STCW VI/2-2
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: D18 - Rukovanje brzom spasilačkom brodicom STCW VI/2-2
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: D19 - Pružanje prve medicinske pomoći STCW VI/4-1
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: D19-Provision of first medical assistance STCW VI/4-1
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: D21 - D26 - Mjere sigurnosti na putničkom brodu - časnici STCW V/2
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: D21 - D26 - Passenger Ship Safety - crew STCW V/2
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: D21 - D26 - Passenger Ship Safety - officers STCW V/2
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: EC - Energy Conservation Course
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: ERTM - Engine Room Team Management with Simulator IMO MODEL 2.07
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: LCHS - Efficient Cargo and Ballast Handling / Liquid cargo Handling Simulator Course - Chemical tankers MANAGEMENT LEVEL (IMO MODEL 1.37)
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: LSH - Large Ship Handling and Maneuvering Course IMO MODEL COURSE 1.22. & 7.01.
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: RA - Risk Assessment Training Course IMO 3.11
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: SBSO - Shipboard Safety Officer Course
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: SHM - Ship Handling and manoeuvring simulator course STCW A-II/2
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: STS - Ship to ship operation
  • 15. July 2024., 8:30: Yacht Master category B (up to 500 GT)
  • 17. July 2024., 8:30: EC - Energy Conservation Course
  • 17. July 2024., 8:30: Lifting Team Member
  • 18. July 2024., 8:30: TI -Tank Inspection Course

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Cyber Security Training Course

25. April 2024.

Cybersecurity has a huge potential to affect the safety of the crew, vessel, cargo and even ports. Cybersecurity is concerned with the protection of I...


EST – Entering into Enclosed Spaces Training

13. October 2023.

 The Entry into Enclosed Spaces Course has been developed in accordance with SSM highly experienced lecturers using our unique Training Polygon. ...



24. April 2023.

We attended the Career Day event that took place at the Maritime Faculty hall on April 18 in Split . The goal of this event was to enable direct commu...


Dual Fuel Engine Simulator

14. March 2023.

We are always going further to provide the best training to our attendants. One of the newest highlights in long list of simulators is Dual Fuel Engin...


New GMDSS equipment!

1. February 2023.

We are proud to present our upgraded GMDSS equipment.With instructor and student workplaces, imitating SAILOR GMDSS equipment.Software version Transas...

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