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    We hereby present you our new course that we perform at the SSM training center.

    The duration of the course is 5 days. 3 days theoretical and 2 days practical excercises.

  • We do not have a time limit for the training


    Therefore the exercises are performed until the candidates have mastered them, all according to the teaching topics of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea - 1972, amended in 2018.

Take a look at every corner of our training centre and our yachts!

Training center

Apply for courses in our training centre. With modern simulators of deck and engine it is the best centre in southern Europe.

Actual courses

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Why choose us?
SSM Training Center is one of the three oldest Training Centers in Europe, and the oldest Training Center in Croatia.
It is one of the  first companies in Croatia that were involved in Crewing and Technical Management at all.
Only in 2021, we educated 4,123 candidates in 1728 courses and to mutual satisfaction.
The total number of courses we offer to 354, and this number is growing every day thanks to the fact that we adapt to market needs and the constant monitoring of world trends in shipping.
We are proud to present our motorboat for the practical training of seafarers.

Yacht where candidates have a practical part of the course.
Boat Skipper Category C

The course is conducted in accordance to the requirements of article 53. of the Regulations of boats and yachts (National gazette NN #57/2006).

Yacht Master Category B (up to 500 GT)

Course Yacht Master Category B is conducted in accordance to the requirements of article 55. of the Regulations of boats and yachts.
Yacht Master Category A (up to 100 GT)

After successful completion of the course Yacht Master Category A, the trainees will be more than competent to handle and command a yacht from up to 100 GT. Acquired license is unrestricted by the yacht purpose and navigation area.
Yacht Courses

Encouraged by high interest, demand among candidates and rapid tourism development, as of now, we would like to offer you a Yacht Master package containing all the courses which will lead to the very peak of success.

Actual courses

Schedule of courses

  • 1. December 2022., : D49B-Visoki napon- upravljačka razina
  • 1. December 2022., : High Voltage mgmt level
  • 2. December 2022., : ERRM-Engine Room Resource Management
  • 5. December 2022., : D2 - Temeljna sigurnost na brodu
  • 5. December 2022., : D2 - Temeljna sigurnost na brodu
  • 5. December 2022., : ECBHL/LCHS - Efficient Cargo & Ballast Handling/Liquid cargo Handling Simulator Course - LNG (Membrane or Moss) IMO MODEL 1.35
  • 5. December 2022., : ERRM-Engine Room Resource Management
  • 5. December 2022., : Risk Assessment

You achieve outstanding results with us

SSM United, with its expertise and quality of service, enables you to achieve your professional goals.

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Our Services

In recent years, strong financial returns have resulted in a growing demand for the services provided by SSM United.
Full details can be found on the following pages.
Consulting services

SSM United takes on consultative work on projects in various parts of the maritime industry!

Cargo transport

At your disposal, we have a specialized team that will do the job in the shortest possible time, in accordance with all your requirements.

Ship agency

We offer various services and In cooperation with all other departments, our clients are offered top quality services at the best prices!

Technical and crew management

SSM United provides Crew & technical Management with teams consisting of Ship Superintendents and Personnel Officers, all led by dedicated Fleet Managers – all of whom are experienced Chief Engineers or Masters. Further support is provided by other key departments such as Quality & Safety, Finance/Accounting, Ships Agency, Training centre and Travel agency.

Technical and crew management

Training centre

Ship's agency

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SSM United - Split Ship Management
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