Published books and editions

The SSM United aims to contribute and to influence the developing of science and knowledge in maritime affairs.

For that purpose we proudly list books published in our own edition:

1. Mladen, Mateljan. “THE SEA – AS IT WAS YESTERDAY”, Split, 2011, ISBN 978-953-96917-6-7, Split Ship Management Ltd.

2. Mladen, Mateljan. “CATCH THE WAVE”, Split, 2009,  ISBN 978-953-96917-5-0, Split Ship Management Ltd.

3. Mladen, Mateljan – Slobodan, Paparella. “A SHIP IN THE PALM OF THE HAND”, Split, 2004, ISBN 953-96917-2-9, Split Ship Management Ltd.

4. Velimir, Ozretić. “MARINE AUXILIARY MACHINE AND DEVICES” (Third updated and expanded edition),Split, 1996, ISBN 953-96917-0-2, Split Ship Management Ltd. 

5. Velimir, Ozretić. “MARINE AUXILIARY MACHINE AND DEVICES” (Fourth improved and extended edition),Split, 2004, ISBN 953-96917-1-0, Split Ship Management Ltd. 

6. Ratko, Božić. “SHIP MANAGEMENT SERVICES”, SPLIT, 2013, ISBN 978-953-96917-7-4, Split Ship Management Ltd.