We would like to inform you about our Practical Training PolygonCandidates have the opportunity to upgrade their own professional knowledge in life like situations. We believe that Practical Training is extremely important in terms of safety  in crisis situations.


The following exercises are performed:


D2 – Basic Safety Trainings – STCW A-VI/1 –

D17 – Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat – STCW VI/2-1 –

D18 – Certificate in Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats  – STCW VI/2-2 –

HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training –

HLO – Helicopter Landing Officer –

ESC – Enclosed Spaces Course –


Exercises are held in the presence of experienced lecturers and consist of a series of practical demonstration exercises.


Candidates will be prepared for the following situations:


– shipboard situations requiring urgent action

– use of open, completely closed and lifeboats and devices for lowering them

– use and assembly of rescue equipment, including electronic equipment

– organization and procedure of search and rescue operations from the sea

– coping in crisis situations indoors


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Collection boat

Free-fall lifeboat

Huet simulator

Thermal suits

Life vest

Other equipment