The International Federation of Transport Workers (ITF) has published on its website the advice of the World Health Organization for the protection of Corona Virus:

Advice for the maritime industry, seafarers and dock workers

Do not restrict embarkation/disembarkation of seafarers in non-affected ports

Do not restrict necessary ship visits by port agents, chaplains, service personnel and others.

Do not visit food markets in China and avoid provision of fish and poultry in China.

Do not consume raw eggs, milk, meat.

Observe strict food hygiene to avoid cross contamination

Ensure facial protection is provided for all crew (5 pieces /per person)

Provide influenza vaccination, alcohol-based hand sanitiser and facial protection for ship inspectors and other crew who travel to China.

If a crew member on board falls sick and has been travelling to affected areas 2-12 days before embarkation, the person must stay in his/her cabin.

If a crew member is sick on board a ship, fill out the maritime declaration of health and notify the relevant port authority and consult a healthcare provider in the next port.

Advice for crew members:

Encourage all onboard to practice hand and respiratory hygiene especially when coughing or sneezing.

Crew should use hand sanitizer/wash hands following contact with any passenger or other crew.

If on a layover in a country with a known coronavirus outbreak, crew are advised to remain in hotel accommodation as much as possible and practice hand and respiratory hygiene and safe food practices (see more below).

More about protection and advice can be found directly on the ITF and WHO website:

ITF here

World health organization here



SSM United is trying to operate a business in a manner that meets or exceeds the ethical, commercial and public expectations that society has of business. Our concept is to contribute voluntarily to a better society and a cleaner environment. 

The SSM Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.  

This is the list of some associations who thanked us for helping them:


Adriatic swim marathon, Split

Association „Višnjica“, Ploče

Association of Marine engineers, Split

Association of Sea Captains, Split

Association for children with hardest physical disabilities and children with special needs „Angels“

Association of Homeland War Invalids, Split Branch

Association of Nobles of Potkalnik

Association Torcida Brda, Split

Association Torcida, Ploče

Baseball-softball club „Nada SSM“

Center for Underwater Systems and Technology 

Croatian baseball society

Croatian catholic society „MI“

Croatian civil society of Montenegro, Kotor

Croatian National Theatre Split – „Split summer festival“

Croatian navy

Culural –artistic association „Aspalathos“

Embassy of the United States of America

Football asociation of Split and Dalmatia County 

Foundation for the restoration of the sacred complex of st. Eustahije – Dobrota – Kotor – Boka Kotorska, Crna Gora

IFAC Conference on control aplications in marine systems

Karate club Split

Kickboxing club „Mornar“

Kindergardens „Cvit Mediterana“ , Split

RH, Ministry of Culture and Education, Department of Education, Split Registry

RH, Municipality of Pakoštane

Sailing club „Zenta“

Youth sports games

and many, many more….




SSM United

Rounded in the ship’s steering wheel with the croatian interlace – „pleter“  traditional ornament found on the croatian historical monuments, gave to the logo the strong symbolism of the national identity and maritime affairs devotion. Through the croatian national history sea was allways the source of prosperity, reputation and The SSM logohas a strong symbolism for the Croatian seafareres worldwide known as a reputable maritime force. For that reason, and respecting the services that company is providing in the center of the SSM logo is one of the traditional Croatian ships with the symbolic national flag colours (red, white and blue)  representing the sea. The countours of the St. Domnio Cathedral, both the civil and religious heritage from 7th century and the main patron saint of the City of Split (are the symbol of hope in the peacefull and safe sea.

SSM Company flags

On the yelow backgound the SSM flag has the placed SSM logo. For years and also today, yellow colour is still used to symbolise the meaning of welcoming home the loved ones, our seafarers. Under the logo it is written the name of the company in the Liddian CSV Letters Font, with the headquarter place : Split – Croatia.

SSM Maritime flag consists 6 coloured square fields, three in a red colour and three in a white. It is a symbol of the Croatian checkerboard coat of arms from the national flag.  It was traditionally conjectured that the colours originally represented two ancient Croat states, Red Croatia and White Croatia. Red and White Croatia are Croatian states from early middle age, approximately in today’s Dalmatia (Red) and central Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (White).