Anti-Piracy Training

Anti-Piracy Training


Scope (Target audience) : Anti-piracy  course is intended for all members of the crew that sails in areas where there is potential risk of pirate attacks.Candidates will learn about the tactic of pirates’ attacks in Somalia and the Gulf of Aden for greater defence with one of the techniques that they will be familiar.

Course content : 

  • United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
  • History of piracy
  • Piracy in 21. century – a major global problem
  • Tactics of attacks: motherships, skiffs and use of fishing  boats
  • Prevention and Suppression of Piracy
  • Use of non-lethal weapon
  • Safe corridor and convoy
  • Ship Security Plan
  • Prior to Transit - Voyage Planning
  • In Transit – Operations
  • After Transit - Operations
  • Communication
  • If Attacked by Pirates

Duration: 2 days


Prerequisite : Identification card or passport


Note to client : After successful completion of the course candidates will receive an Anti-piracy training certificate

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