Boiler Water and Chemical Treatment

Boiler Water and Chemical Treatment

This course is aimed at students, engineers, designers, maintenance managers, H &S professionals, supervisors, shop foremen, technical and sales representatives and anyone who wants a basic understanding of boiler water treatment concepts.

Course objectives:
Common type of makeup water impurities and its effects on boiler system
Effects of dissolved gases on the boiler corrosion
Effects of hardness, conductivity and pH on scale deposit formation
The various treatment requirements for the boilers
External treatment equipment’s such as Zeolite softeners, Lime Soda softeners, Hydrogen Zeolite softeners, Chloride Anion Exchangers, Demineralizers, Reverse Osmosis and Deaerators
Internal water treatment approaches using chemical formulations
Importance of blowdown and condensate recovery
Boiler operation requirements of external and internal treatment equipment
Safety precautions in handling of water treatment chemicals

2 days

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