Bridge Team Management

BTM – Bridge Team Management  STCW A-II/1, A-II/2-6,  IMO Model Course 1.22

Scope (Target audience) : The course is intended for candidates with completed exams for the OOW and the training in radar observation and plotting.

Courses for radar observation and plotting are also available at out Training centre:

D6A – Radar Observer IMO Model 1.07

D6B – ARPA operational level IMO Model 1.07 

D6C – ARPA management level IMO Model 1.08


Course content : The purpose of the course is to promote good Bridge Team Management which will be achieved by providing candidates with the opportunity to experience and analyse various navigational scenarious in passage planning, in the execution of the passage plan, in teamwork scenarios and exploring procedures which assist in the safe conduct of the vessel to achieve high standards of excellence and professionalism.


Candidates will gain:

  • Experience in familiarization with ship manouvering during exercises on Bridge Simulator,
  • An understanding of the effect of wind, current, shallow water, banks and narrow channel and condition of loading on the ship behaviour.
  • Awareness of the importance of planning a passage or manouver and the need of an alternative plan.
  • Understading of a good interactive communication.



Bridge Team Management course uses the Transas Navigational Bridge Simulator.


This course meets the principles laid down in STCW A-II/1, A-II/2-6 and B-VIII/2-5 (Part 3-1) and  IMO Model Course 1.22



Duration: 5 days


Prerequisite : 

  • Identification card or passport
  • OOW exam
  • Training in radar observation and plotting


Note to client : After successful completion of the course candidates will receive the Bridge Team Management course certificate

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