Cyber Security Training Course

Cybersecurity has a huge potential to affect the safety of the crew, vessel, cargo and even ports. Cybersecurity is concerned with the protection of IT systems, onboard hardware and sensors and data leak from unauthorised access, manipulation and disruption. Cybersecurity policies and plans cover different types of risks like information integrity, system and hardware availability on board and in the office of the shipping company. Accordingly, Cybersecurity should be seen at all levels of the company, from top management onshore to onboard personnel, as an integral part of the safety culture required for the safe and efficient operation of a ship.
Piracy is no longer just a matter of gangs entering your vessel in the middle of the night. The threat of cyber space is building up rapidly with the potential of posing even bigger risks, also for the crews. Therefore, maritime Cyber Security training is critical for your safety.

Entrance requirements
None but basic maritime knowledge would be an advantage.
Who should attend:
Suitable for all office-based and onboard personnel working within the maritime and offshore industries.
Duration: 1 day

The participant will:
Learn about maritime cyber security regulations
Understand cyber security terminology in depth
Recognise malware types
Be able to identify threats or vulnerabilities
Learn how to organize awareness measures for own company and eliminate risks from social engineering

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