D14 - Oil Tanker Training Programme

D14 - Oil Tanker Training Programme

Scope (target audience):
D14 - Oil Tanker Training Programme course is conducted in accordance to requirements of regulation V/1-2 paragraph 2.2 and section A-V/1, paragraphs 9 to 14 of the STCW Code and is based on the guidelines of IMO Model Course 1.02. Course provides training at an advanced level for master, chief engineer officer, chief mate or second engineer officer and other persons on chemical tankers who have immediate responsibility for the loading, discharging in transit or handing of cargo, after successful completion of the course the trainees should have a better understanding of chemical tanker operations and how to take precautions to prevent potential hazards.

Course content:
Basic properties of petroleum and its hazards
Pollution prevention
Oil tanker design and equipment
Oil tanker operations
Emergency procedures
Inert gas system (IGS)
Crude oil washing (COW)

6 days

Course requirement:
Personal identity card or passport
1 passport size-colored photograph
3 months of certified navigation on oil tankers
Certificate for Basic training for tankers (or basic training for oil and chemical tankers)

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