D21 - D26 - Passenger Ship Safety - officers

D21 - D26 - Passenger Ship Safety 

Course scope: A trainee successfully completing this course and passing the prescribed examination should be familiar with the management in the extraordinary situations, as well as with methods of keeping passengers and cargo safety.

Course aim:

The aim of this course is to introduce students:

  • with crowd management in emergency situation,
  • with finding the necessary safety equipment in case of an emergency on board,
  • with effectively communication with passengers in an emergency,
  • with demonstrating the use of personal funds for rescue,
  • with safety procedures in emergency situation.

Certificate: A student who successfully completes the course D21 - D26 - Passenger Ship Safety - will receive a certificate confirming that he has completed the course in accordance with the provisions of Regulation V / 2 for ro-ro ships, or Regulation V / 3 for other passenger ships.

Additionally: The course is designed to last 2 days for candidates enrolling D21-D26 - for crew and 3 days for candidates enrolling D21-D26 for officers.

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