D3 - Master of Ship up to 200 GT in Navigational Area 5

The course is intended to meet the requirements of the Rulebook of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure under Article 57, paragraph 1 of the Ordinance on Seafarers' Certifications and Certificates (Official Gazette 130/13), as well as the requirements of STCW HR III / 14th. 

Those who successfully complete the course should achieve the appropriate standards of competence that will enable them to manage the service of the ship's commander, know the vessels, also, to deal with and manage different types of ships, handle crew on board, organize a crew in case of danger, and the safety of the ship and the passengers. 

Course content: 

  • Terestrian navigation 
  • Meteorology 
  • Maneuvering with avoidance of collision on the sea 
  • Safety at sea 
  • The operation of bending and auxiliary machinery on small ships 
  • Boat and freight handling 
  • English language 

Duration: 7 days

Course requirement: 

  • ID card 
  • Certificate of Health Aptitude 
  • D6A - Surveying and use of radar equipment 
  •  At least 24 months of navigation service, of which at least 12 months of navigation as a crew member or senior member of the crew who is part of the navigational watch or in the capacity of a ship's commander up to 50 BT in national navigation, or 24 months of navigation on Croatian public ships

*After successfully completing the course and exam in Port Authority, the candidates will receive a certificate D3 - "Commander of the boat up to 200 BT in national navigation" issued by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia.

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