D3 - Master of ship up to 200BT in navigational area 5

Course content: 

Terestrian navigation 
Maneuvering with avoidance of collision on the sea 
Safety at sea 
The operation of bending and auxiliary machinery on small ships 
Boat and freight handling 
English language 

Duration: 7 days

Course requirement: 
ID card 
Certificate of Health Aptitude 
D6A - Surveying and use of radar equipment 

 At least 24 months of navigation service, of which at least 12 months of navigation as a crew member or senior member of the crew who is part of the navigational watch or in the capacity of a ship's commander up to 50 BT in national navigation, or 24 months of navigation on Croatian public ships

*After successfully completing the course and exam in Port Authority, the candidates will receive a certificate
D3 - "Commander of the boat up to 200 BT in national navigation" issued by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia.

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