D39 - Able Seafarer Deck

D39 - Able Seafarer Deck

Scope (Target audience):
Seafarer deck rating course has been designed to provide the learner with the knowledge and skills in seamanship required to obtain seafarer duties and responsibilities.

Course content:
Navigation at the Support Level
Cargo handling and Stowage at the Support Level
Controlling the Operation of the Ship and care for Persons on Board at the Support Level
Maintenance and Repair at the Support Level
Accommodating a safe navigation watch
Participation in binding, anchoring and other procedures
Handling of shipload and inventory
Ensure safe operation of equipment and devices
Apply safety and protection measures at work
Preventing pollution of the marine environment
Handling of a survival craft and rescue boat
Assembling maintenance and repairs on board

: 4 days

Identification card or passport
1 passport size-colored photograph
Meet the requirements for certification as a rating forming part of navigational watch (mariner)
Seagoing service in the deck department not less than 18 months, or, not less than 12 months with completed approved training
Marine Environment Awareness Certificate/D48
Medical exam

Training includes theoretical and practical teaching.
Practical parts of training and theoretical teaching are conducted in modern equipped classrooms, in accordance with the recommendations of the International Maritime Organization.
After successful completion of the course and exam in Port Authority, the candidates will receive the D39 Able seafarer deck STCW II-5 issued by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia.

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