D40 - Able Seafarer Engine

D40 - Able Seafarer Engine

Scope (Target audience):
D40 - Able Seafarer Engine STCW course has been designed to meet STCW regulation III/5. Course is open to mariners, seaman who wish to obtain an appropriate certificate in order to perform as an able seafarer engine. Able seafarer engine course has been designed to provide the learner with the knowledge and skills in seamanship required o preform duties as an able seafarer engine.

Course content:
Marine Engineering at the Support Level
Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering at the Support Level
Maintenance and Repair at the Support Level
Controlling the Operation of the Ship and Care for Persons on Board at the Support Level
Contributing a safety to the engine room
Conduct tracking and overwatch of the guard in the engine room
Adaptation to fuel supply and oil transfer procedures
Applying bald and ballistic methods
Applying equipment and machinery
Safe use of electrical equipment
Assembling maintenance and repairs on board
Adoption of inventory management
Apply precautionary measures and contribute to the prevention of pollution of the marine environment
Apply procedures for safety and protection at work

4 days

Identification card or passport
2 passport size-colored photographs
Meet the requirements for certification as a rating forming part of a watch in manned engine-room (fitter, oiler)
While qualified to serve as a rating forming part of an engineering watch, have approved seagoing service in the engine department not less than 6 months and have completed approved training
Marine Environment Awareness
Medical exam

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