Dual Fuel Engine

Dual Fuel Engine Simulator 

 As the maritime industry explores different approaches towards decarbonization, we are proud to add the 8th full mission simulator to our portfolio - the newest “Dual Fuel Engine - LGB Bunkering, for bunkering fuels with low flash point.” Now in total we have 21 simulator and articles for “live” practical training.

Applicants should demonstrate theoretical knowledge of two-stroke low-speed diesel engines and have certain operational experience on RTA or RT-Flex series, conventional or common rail engines.


Target Group:
This theoretical and practice training is aimed for marine engineers and technical staff who are involved directly or indirectly in operation and supervision of X-Engine type(s) - RT- Flex 50DF X52DF, X62DF, X72DF.


Objective of the Training Course:

  • Preparing LNG Pac for Startup
  • Stopping LNG Pac
  • Preparing LNG Pac for Lay-Up
  • Bunkering Start
  • Bunkering Stop
  • Cooling Down of LNG Tank with N2 from Shore
  • Pressurizing of LNG Tank with NG
  • Emptying of LNG Tank
  • Pressurizing of LNG Tank with N2
  • Gas Supply Start
  • Gas Supply Stop
  • Gas Supply Restore after Shutdown
  • Inverting of Evaporator Piping
  • Inverting of LNG Tank
  • Drying of LNG Tank and Piping
  • Process of Bunkering with Vapor Return
  • Process of Bunkering
  • Process of as Supply to Engines

Trainings which include DFES:

D50 A

Basic Training for ships subject to the IGF Code

D50 B

Advance training for ships subject to the IGF Code


Dual Fuel Engine


Bunkering/Fuel Oil Calculation

LFF Advance

Low Flash Point Fuels Advance

LFF Basic

Low Flash Point Fuels Basic


Marine Fuel Management



We offer also tailor made courses which we are able to create on client demand, for individual training and group training.

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