Electrical Fundamentals

Electrical Fundamentals

This course  will provide knowledge in electrostatic force, potential difference, electromotive force, ion charge etc.; define the terminology such as conductor, insulator, resistor, electron current flow, direct current, alternating current, ideal source and real source; understand the Ohm's law -the fundamental equation; define the terms such as magnetic flux, permeability, ampere turns, field intensity, reluctance etc.; describe how the ferromagnetic, paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials relate to permeability; describe the physical qualities of a simple magnetic circuit; describe the shape and components of BH magnetization curve; understand the Faraday's and Lenz's law of induction; understand the electrical symbology; describe the half wave and full wave bridge rectifier; distinguish between schematic diagram, one-line diagram, block diagram and wiring diagram; distinguish between open, closed and short circuits; be able to calculated total resistance for a series or parallel circuit; understand the Kirchhoff's voltage and current law; and describe the voltage and current effects in a open and shorted DC circuits.

5 days

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