Marine high voltage

Marine high voltage

This course aims to enhance the knowledge, understanding and skills of engine personnel in the safe operation and maintenance of high voltage power systems, including knowledge of special technical type of high-voltage systems and the dangers resulting from operational voltage of more than 1,000 volts.
It provides interactive lectures, hands-on demonstrations, simulator exercises, practical exercises, and assessments. It meets the specification of minimum standards of competence for engine officers prescribed in the relevant sections of Tables A-III/1, A-III/2, A-III/6, and A-III/7 and complies with the recommendations of Section B-III/2, Guidance regarding training of engineering personnel having management responsibilities for the operation and safety of electrical power plant above 1,000 volts, of the STCW Code.

Intended Learning Outcome/s
After the training/assessment, the participant/s shall be able to:
·Identify STCW Code requirements on high-voltage;
·Determine high-voltage technology;
·Operate high voltage power systems; and
·Apply maintenance procedures for high-voltage equipment.

Course Prerequisite & Qualification
Engine Officers (ETO; 3/E; 2/E; C/E)

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