TAGM-Tank Atmosphere &Gas Measurement

TAGM - Tank Atmosphere &Gas Measurement

This training is prepared for providing awareness of the procedures before entry into an enclosed area. The aim of TAGM-Tank Atmosphere & Gas Measurement course is to enlighten the seafarers for measuring the tank atmosphere with appropriate devices and determine correct behavior as per the result of measurements.

Course Content:
Definition & Dangers of Enclosed Space
Procedures for entry into enclosed spaces
Gas measuring instruments
Oxygen analyzer
Interferometer / Tank scope
Combustible gas detector (explosimeter)
Multigas detector
Draeger Tubes
Operating principles, accuracy and limitations
Sampling lines and pumps
Instrument check procedures and calibration
Use and maintenance
Physical and chemical properties of petroleum cargoes carried in bulk
Toxicity and health hazards associated with petroleum cargoes & I.G.
Oxygen deficiency, Flammability
Purging and gas freeing procedures

2 days

Delegates will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. TAGM-Tank Atmosphere &Gas Measurement training can be booked via our website or email.
We ask all delegates to provide their individual email addresses for enrolment purposes for online trainings. We are unable to enroll multiple delegates with one email address.
A member of SSM team will email you to confirm the enrolment and provide instructions on how to access the course. You will also receive a separate email with attached documentation /registration/GDPR/ Evaluation/ which need to be fille, as they are priority for issuing the Certificate.
Certificates are not generated automatically- upon successful completion of the course, a member of SSM team monitors completions each morning, creates the certificates and then sends them via email the next working day.

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