Wartsila L38

Wartsila L38

Wartsila 38 is a 4-stroke, turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine with direct injection of fuel. Cylinder bore 380 [mm] Stroke 475 [mm] Piston displacement 53.9 [l/cyl] Number of valves 2 inlet valves and 2 exhaust valves Cylinder configuration 6, 8, 9, in-line 12, 16 in V-form V-angle 50° Direction of rotation Clockwise or counter-clockwise Max. Cylinder pressure 21 [MPa]
(210 bar) Speed 600 [rpm] Mean effective pressure 2.69 [MPa] (26.9 bar) Mean piston speed 9.5 [m/s] ,Application as generator set on power stations on shore or on ships ,also can serve as propulsion engine on smaller fishing boats and ferry boats.

3 days

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