Wartsila Thrusters

Wartsila Thrusters

WR TH-Wartsila Thrusters are maneuvering devices designed to deliver side thrust or thrust through 360°.

Thrusters are used to allow ships to be more independent from tugs, give them more maneuverability for special tasks, there are three general types of thrust devices: the lateral thruster or tunnel thruster, which consists of a propeller installed in an athwartship tunnel; a jet thruster which consists of a pump taking suction from the keel and discharge to either side; and azimuthal thruster, which can be rotated through 360°.

Thrusters can enhance the maneuverability of existing vessels, particularly at low speeds, and provide a high level of redundancy.

Main propulsion system based on thrusters can also provide increased speed, or lower installed power and reduction in fuel consumption.

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