Yacht master category A (up to 100 BT)

Yacht master category A (up to 100 BT)

Objective of the course:
A candidate who successfully completes the training program and passes the exam at the Port Authority is authorized to operate all types of boats and yachts up to 100 GT, regardless of the area and purpose of navigation. Training is intended for people who want to work as professional yacht Captains (skippers) or simply want to command larger yachts, whether they own or rent them.

Maritime navigation
Maneuvering the ship and avoiding collisions at sea
Knowledge of the ship and the ship's equipment
Meteorology and oceanography
Maritime law
English language

Course duration:

8 days

Exam conditions:
At least 18 years of age
Identity card or passport
1 color photo 3X3.5 cm
Medical certificate

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