Medical centre

Located within walking distance of the Head Office, this centre is operated for our own staff and seafarers. It is fully equipped with the latest medical and dental facilities including ECG and ultrasound scanning equipment.

Medical centre

Equiped with latest medical and dental facilities


Authorised to issue seafarers medical certificates for many Flag states, we can be sure that our crew are truly fit for duty and avoid some of the increasing problems such as unbudgetted medical costs, vessel deviations for sick crew, P&I claims and better efficiency through a healthy crew.
A complete medical history of each seafarer is stored on a secure database and with 24 hour medical support, vital information can be released to the ships captain or shore doctors worldwide so that the correct treatment can be diagnosed.
The Medical Centre has qualified staff and the necessary equipment on site to carry out the following:

  • Complete physical examination using traditional equipments and methods

  • Examination of vision and colour blindness using latest scopic equipment

  • Examination of hearing using latest audio testing equipment

  • Blood tests for AIDS , D&A and other microbiological issues such as cholesterol

  • Investigation of chest x-rays

  • Examination of heart functions using ECG

  • Examination of vital organs using latest ultrasound scanning equipment