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Training centre - Split Ship Management

We provide employment with pre-training – all in one place!

370 courses

Our Training Centre currently offers over 370 courses, and this number continues to grow in response to market demands and the needs of our clients.


Our Training Centre owns various state of the art equipment for the courses in our offer, including modern bridge and engine simulators.


We are proud holders of various approvals from recognized maritime institutions of which we emphasize MCA UK, Panama Maritime Authority and Liberia.

Accommodation service

We also offer affordable transportation and accommodation services.

65+ Lecturers

We have 65 qualified lecturers. Lecturers are all Masters and/or Chief Engineers with extensive sea experience.

Individual courses
Courses timetable

Most of our courses are organized every week. Additionally, it is important to highlight the option for individual, tailor-made courses for our candidates.

A seafarer's practical training vessel

Split Ship Management provides a complete STCW Yacht Package.

Split Ship Management

We are proud to present our motorboat for the practical training of seafarers.

STCW Yacht Courses

The Training Center provides a complete STCW Yacht Courses at affordable prices.


Fitted out by craftsmen to a standard that can only be described as absolute luxury.


1973 - 2016


17,20 m

Max. Speed

18.00 kts

Max. Consumption


Fuel Tank

3000 l


Max. 7 + 2

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We are proud to introduce our motorboat, a dedicated vessel for the practical training of seafarers.  

This yacht is where candidates engage in the practical aspects of the course.
Yacht Master Category A (up to 100 GT)

After successful completion of the Yacht Master Category A course, participants will be proficient in managing and commanding yachts of up to 100 GT. The acquired license is unrestricted in the yacht purpose and navigation areas.

Yacht Master Category B (up to 500 GT)

The Yacht Master Category B course is conducted in accordance with the requirements outlined in Article 55 of the Regulations for boats and yachts.

Boat Skipper Category C

The Boat Skipper Category C course is conducted in accordance with the requirements outlined in Article 53 of the Regulations for boats and yachts (National Gazette NN #57/2006).

Technical and crew management

With a base of more than 23,000 seafarers, we are able to offer an extremely capable and reliable crew for your ships

Training centre

We provide employment with pre-training - all in one place!


Expert advice on cargo loading and unloading, safe handling and maritime transport of luxury yachts.

Technical & Crew Management

Split Ship Management provides Crew & technical Management with teams consisting of Ship Superintendents and Personnel Officers, all led by dedicated Fleet Managers – all of whom are experienced Chief Engineers or Masters. Further support is provided by other key departments such as Quality & Safety, Finance/Accounting, Ships Agency, Training centre and Travel agency.

Our services are operated by highly experienced and motivated personnel with a deep sense of integrity, thereby ensuring we achieve the highest standards!

Split Ship Management holds certificates such as ISMA (International Ship Managers Association), ISO 14001 : 2015 (Environmental Management) and ISO 9001 : 2015 (Quality Management). Additionally, SSM United holds Documents of Compliance since 1998. issued by all of the major Flag Registries for a wide range of vessel types.

Ask for a quote

If you have a need for a company that would provide you with crew and technical management services, please contact us with confidence.

Crew Management

Thanks to our quality systems, dedicated focus on training and meticulous selection processes, plus commitment to the retention of the best personnel, the SSM pool of seafarers has earned widespread recognition as first class workers.

In adherence to Owners’ requirements, we are able to supply crews of diverse nationalities in collaboration with our manning partners across the globe.

As a trusted crewing agent, we oversee the crewing needs of 125 different vessels.

Crew management and crew manning stand as the bedrock of our comprehensive support services to ship owners.


– Certified to operate ships as per the ISM code
– ISO 9001:2015 standards
– ISO 14001:2015 standards


Our Services

Boasting a pool of over 30,000 highly skilled seafarers,
we stand ready to provide your vessels with competent and reliable crew members.

Our comprehensive crewing services include:

  • Recruitment

  • Manning Office Coordination

  • Protection and Indemnity Insurance Follow up

  • Cost control

  • Harbour Master Coordination

  • Proactive and Transparent Client Communication

  • Compliance to Industry Standards

  • Inventory Management

  • Travel Coordination

  • Crew Training


At Split Ship Management, we adhere to two fundamental principles that simplify the accounting process for all stakeholders.

Our approach

We use robust software tools and internal cost control systems to meticulously track all expenditures. This enables us to provide real-time updates on both the current expenditure and its alignment with the agreed budget.

With Split Ship Management, you can trust in a transparent accounting system and our unwavering commitment to maintaining all costs within budgetary constraints.

Accessibility and Transparency

All records, invoices, and paperwork are easily accessible to our clients at any given time.
We prioritize transparency and ensure that our clients have full visibility into financial matters.
For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

SSM Accounting
Open Books

We strictly keep an “Open Book” policy

SSM Reports

We produce reports in line with the Clients requirements.

Commercial Mangement

In recent years, strong financial performance has resulted in an increasing demand for the Commercial Management services offered by Split Ship Management.

Split Ship Management

The close proximity of our in-house Technical and Crew Management colleagues enhances synergies and contributes to the overall success of each voyage. The SSM Commercial Department boasts strong brokerage links, particularly in Mediterranean trade, ensuring your vessel earnings are consistently maximized. As direct operators of a fleet covering the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and South/Central America, spanning from the Pacific coast to Port Said, we offer extensive coverage. The likelihood is high that we have a vessel precisely when and where you need it; simply reach out to our Chartering Department for the latest updates. With a global network of representatives supporting the Commercial Department at our Head Office in Split, we exert 24/7 control over all aspects of ship operations, including chartering, pre/post fixture work, port operations, bunkering, freight management, S&P for new and second-hand tonnage, and claims handling. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for further information or updates.

With a worldwide network of representatives supporting the Commercial Department at the Head Office in Split, we are able to control all aspects of the ships operation 24/7 such as:
Chartering, pre/post fixture work, port operations, bunkering, freight management, S&P for new and second-hand tonnage, claims handling... etc.

Consulting Services

With a diverse team of experienced experts collaboratively working together, there is a natural demand for Consulting Services. Over recent years, we have witnessed a rising need for guidance and support from ship Owners/Operators, shipyards, financiers, insurance providers, government bodies, and training providers. Split Ship Management consistently undertakes consultancy work for various projects, including:
  • Inspections and Valuations of Vessels

  • Selection of Flag and Class Societies

  • Complex Vessel Repairs and Modifications

  • Newbuildings – Offering a full-service package, including design, superintendency, and management

  • Drydock Superintendency and Support with Settlement of Costs

  • Identification of Finance for the Acquisition of New and Second-hand Tonnage

  • Assessment of Other Owners/Managers Ship Management Systems and Controls

  • Assessment of On-board Security

  • Assistance with Ship Security – Including evaluations, production of the Ship Security Plan, audit, and the ISSC process, security training

  • Evaluation of Potential Senior Officers and Key Shore Staff

  • Investigation and Assessment of Training Requirements

  • Preparation of Masters for MCA UKLAP Examinations

  • Assistance with the Certification Process for ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001

  • Development of New Training Programs and Obtaining Flag/Class Approval

Ship's Agency

Our Ship’s Agency team at Split Ship Management extends a range of key services at the most competitive prices in the market:
  1. Road Transport Organization using our own fleet of vehicles, vans, and trucks to ensure seamless road transport.

  2. Expert Guidance on Handling and Storage

  3. International Freight Forwarding

  4. Customs Clearance

  1. Loading and Discharge of Project Cargoes

  2. Logistical Coordination

  3. Shipment/Discharging Assistance

  4. Transits and Harbour Office Formalities

Dry dock towing

Split Ship Management played a pivotal role as the appointed agent when Shipyard Trogir acquired docks from Shipyard Kraljevica, necessitating their relocation from one shipyard to another. We meticulously organized and coordinated the entire towing procedure, ensuring a seamless process spanning three days. Our vigilant coordination facilitated a smooth collaboration among all parties involved, resulting in the successful tow of the docks to Shipyard Trogir without any complications.

For any inquiries regarding our dry dock towing services or other maritime solutions, please feel free to contact us.

Ship agency - Split Ship Management

On March 23, 2014, the M/V Erasmusgracht, under flag state Netherlands, arrived from Napoli, Italy, at the Northern Port of Split. Carrying a total of 11 motor yachts, three of them - Fairline Squadron 50 Motor Yacht (19,000 kgs), Princess P82 Motor Cruiser (65,000 kgs), and Princess P56 Motor Yacht (30,500 kgs) - were successfully discharged at the Northern Port of Split. This intricate operation was efficiently organized and executed by Split Ship Management as the Port Agent. It's noteworthy that our guidance ensured seamless collaboration among the Port Authority Split, Brodospas d.d., Plovput d.o.o., tugboats, and pilot boats, leading to the successful discharge of the yachts. For inquiries about our ship agency services or to discuss your maritime needs, please feel free to reach out to us.

Travel Agency

 For the past 15 years, we have been providing travel services to ship owners, facilitating the transportation of their seafarers and business professionals worldwide. Now our professional travel services have recently expanded to include the following: We look forward to continuing our commitment to exceptional travel solutions. Should you have any inquiries or specific travel needs, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Low cost and regular flights.

Charter Service

Sailing yachts, motor yachts, crewed yacht charter, gullets (gulets).


Hotels, apartments, rooms, etc.

Active holiday program

Rafting, hiking, treeking, paint ball, free climbing, etc.


Half and full day trips, 3-7 days excursions.

Package deals

Outgoing and Incoming package deals.

Professional service

Another core business based at the Head Office is our Travel Agency.

Medical Centre

Situated within walking distance of our Head Office, this center is exclusively available for our dedicated staff and seafarers.
Fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical and dental facilities, including ECG and ultrasound scanning equipment, we prioritize the health and well-being of our team members.


Authorised to issue seafarers medical certificates for many Flag states, our Medical Centre ensures that our crew is genuinely fit for duty and avoids some of the increasing problems such as unforseen medical costs, vessel deviations for sick crew, P&I claims and better efficiency through a healthy crew.

A comprehensive medical history for each seafarer is securely stored in our database.

With 24-hour medical support, critical information can be promptly shared with ship captains or shore doctors worldwide, enabling accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment.

Our Medical Centre, staffed by qualified professionals and equipped with the latest technology, offers the following services:
  • Complete physical examinations using traditional methods and equipment

  • Vision and color blindness assessments using state-of-the-art equipment

  • Hearing examinations utilizing the latest audio testing equipment

  • Blood tests for AIDS, DNA, and other microbiological issues such as cholesterol

  • Chest x-ray investigations

  • Heart function examinations through ECG

  • Vital organ assessments using advanced ultrasound scanning equipment