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New in SSM Training Centre

New in SSM Training Centre!
– review of the validity of your certificates
– sending of notifications of new regulations and amendments to regulations
– replacement / renewal of documents

Crew Evaluation System

This test is questioning basic knowledge of seafarer, and after it is successfully finished seafarer receives a certificate. For more information please call +385 21 558 581

319 courses

We offer 319 maritime training courses, details can be found in a list which can be downloaded below

Special programs

Also,due to the increased demand for staff on passenger ships and yachts, our training center develops special training programs for these categories. Follow our announcements!


For each course we provide COMPLETE TRAINING MATERIALS (in written and electronic form) published by Maritime Training Centre. For further information on any course, please view the course pages and then contact the Maritime Training Centre as indicated at the foot of each page.



D30 – Type Rating Certificate for Ratings on board HSC
D31 - Type Rating Certificate for Master and Officers on board HSC
"C" – Boat skipper cat. “C”
"A" – Yacht Master cat. “A” up to 100GT
"B" – Yacht Master cat. “B” up to 500GT


D33 - Company Security Officer (STCW
D34 – Port facility security officer
D40 - Able Seafarer Engine (STCW III/5)

Dear Clients we have following important notices: 

1. According to the “Revised STCW Convention and Code adopted at the Manila Conference, held on 21-25 June 2010” please be informed that the following courses have become mandatory and entered in force on 1st January 2014:

Course Code.             Course                                                                 
D42                           Security Awareness Training                               
D43.                          Seafarer with Designated Security Duties.         
D44                           ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display and Information System                                     
D45                           Bridge Resource Management                       
D46                           Engine Resource Manegement                          
D47A                         Application of Leadership and Team working Skills                                            
D47B                         Use of Leadership and Managerial Skills            
D48                           Marine Environmental Awareness                     

2. SSO and SSA news
According to the Panama`s Maritime Authority General Directorate all seafarers who have to present Basic Safety Training Courses, also will have to present Ship Security Awareness and apply for it. On the other hand, every officer that already has SSO, doesn`t need to present Ship Security Awareness. Officers that don`t have SSO, will have to apply for it or for the course Ship Security Awareness. In every application for Officers it`s mandatory to attach copy of SSO or apply for Ship Security Awareness because without these documents the application will have deficiency.
Keep in touch with all the maritime regulations on official pages of Ministry of maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure of Republic of Croatia 
High Maritime University College for Personnel Officers and Superintendents 
Mission of our High Maritime University College for Personnel Officers and Superintendents in the maritime industry is to create component professionals in the field of maritime management.
The dynamic development of shipping and globalization of the world economy creates a growing need for mobility of people, goods and information, what leades to higher necessity for increasing the efficiency, cost-effectivness and security throughout the maritime system. Our goal is to educate and create just such experts
Degree Programmes
SUniversity Study Programmes are conducted according to Bologna`s process and are approved by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.
The undergraduated degree programme lasts for three years. Upon graduation students are issued certificates which confirm the completion of the programme and are awarded the academic tittle Baccalaureus/Baccalaurea of Science – B.Sc
If You are interested in developing Your education and wish to find out our more abour our Master and Ph.D. programs, or You are in a need for more informations about our University please contact us at:

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Open University Božić

Open University Božić is founded in Split, and offers its participants the possibility of re-qualification, training and further training for different occupations and then employment opportunities.

The school’s main purpose is to contribute to the intellectual, social and general development of the environment in which the School operates through the provision of quality education services, the development of the idea of ​​lifelong learning as an individual’s lifestyle, and creating new opportunities for our students’ employment.

The advantage of the Open University is that it gives a chance for our students to be able to get a job after passing the retraining and / or additional programs. Namely, the School operates as a part of the SSM Group, and in cooperation with the Maritime Employment Agency offers employment on ships.The programs we offer are in line with the needs of the market, and our main goal is to enable trainees to find employment, thus gaining multiple benefits from attending our programs.

If you are interested in our programs and retraining programs, please contact us at:

Tel: +385 21 558 580

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