ISPS Code Familiarization

ISPS Code Familiarization 

Target audience:

All the employees or persons engaged on a seagoing ship which is required to comply with the provisions of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.


Course aims:

This course provides security knowledge for all other facility personnel, including contractors, who do not have security duties. The training of all personnel is a requirement of the ISPS Code, not only for their personal safety, but that of others and the vessel or facility.


The main topics

  • International maritime security policy and responsibilities of government, companies and designated person
  • Procedures of implementing a ship security plan
  • Security incident reports
  • Procedures of responding to security threats or security breaches


Duration: 2 days



Prerequisite :

  • Identification card or passport


Note to client :

After successful completion of the course candidates will receive ISPS Code Familiarization certificate.

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