On polygon candidate will participate in live exercises related with these courses:

D2 - Basic safety on board - STCW A-VI / 1

D17 - Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat – STCW VI/2-1

D18 - Certificate in Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats – STCW VI/2-2

HUET - Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

HLO - Helicopter Landing Officer

ESC - Enclosed space entry
Our D2 Basic safety course is based on a series of practical demonstration exercises on a boat, a fire range and a swimming pool:
- dropping and driving a lifeboat
- use of thermal suits and vests 
- opening a life saving raft
- fire drills on the range
D17 - Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat
The course is scheduled to last 3 days, of which 17 hours of practical exercises
Candidates will be introduced to:
- ship situations that require urgent action
- use of open, completely closed and lifeboat devices for their relaxation 
- use and assembly of rescue equipment, including electronic equipment 
- organization and procedure of search and rescue operations 
- rescuing people from the sea
D18 - Certificate in Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats
The course is taken after successfully completing the D17 course.
After successful completion of the course, a trainee will be competent to handle and take charge of such boats during or after launch in adverse weather and sea conditions. They will also be able to operate a fast rescue boat engine.
Trainees will know the correct use of all locating devices, including communication and signalling equipment between the rescue boat and a helicopter and the ship; and how to carry out search patterns.
Check out these videos to see how exercises are performed on our practical polygon!
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In addition to the mentioned concession courses, exercises for the HUET - Helicopter Underwater Escape Training course are also held at the Resnik training ground.

This course is essential in many segments of the maritime industry, especially for the staff in the offshore industry, but also for military and mountain rescue service personnel which is regularly transported by helicopter. As the name implies, the purpose is to prepare candidates for emergency exit in the case of a crash landing over water and to train them for rescue in such situations. The training involves simulated sinking in a pool while rotating the training module upside down with the various background situations. Simultaneously, the candidates are being familiarized to some of the most important actions connected with the crash, as well as the proper response during the fall, avoiding of smoke inhalation, escaping from a helicopter in the quickest and safest way, and the emerging holding the breath or with bottles of oxygen.


Click here: HUET exercise
Exercises for HLO (Helicopter Landing Officer) are held at the polygon Resnik.

This program is designed to provide candidates with the
knowledge to identify hazards, review safe working practices for 
helicopter operations, and skills to respond to any helicopter / 
helicopter emergency on shore platforms.